Lockpoint to introduce two new products at ATM & Cyber Security 2017

//Lockpoint to introduce two new products at ATM & Cyber Security 2017

Lockpoint to introduce two new products at ATM & Cyber Security 2017

LOCKPOINT, the market leader in the production of physical systems to defend the ATM estate, is set to launch two new products.

Both products are designed to reinforce the company’s mission to protect the ATM estate against the full range of criminal attack threats, from duress and burglary to ram raids and gas attack. They will be formally launched later this year, but delegates at the ATM & Cyber Security exhibition and conference in London this week will enjoy a preview of both at Lockpoint’s stand at the event.

The Gryphon Super Eight, pictured, represents the latest evolution of the tried and tested formula of “intelligent” interconnected locking doors to protect the cash drawers in an ATM.

The Super Eight has been developed as a direct response to industry moves towards bigger ATMs that contain even more cash. The idea of converting the deposit-taking chamber of an ATM into a cash-dispenser is a simple one, designed to mitigate the cost of cash replenishment by halving the frequency of replenishment calls. The other side of this coin is that the potential reward for criminals may more than double, with eight, or even ten, drawers containing bank notes.

The Super Eight extends the core Gryphon philosophy that no more than one of eight protective doors can be open at one time, thereby limiting the potential reward for criminal gangs using duress. It features all the other Gryphon protective measures, including sophisticated manufacturing techniques to counter attacks by grinder or oxy-acetylene and, of course, explosive attacks using injected gas.

No ATM fitted with a Gryphon that has been used correctly has yet been breached by a gas attack and the Super Eight will extend that protection to the new generation of larger ATMs.

The Padfoot is the second new product is designed to complement the Gryphon’s place in the ATM defence picture.

Lockpoint’s own research demonstrates that the single biggest threat to the ATM estate comes from the old fashioned smash-and-grab or ram raid, using a JCB or heavy agricultural machinery.

Criminals who steal an ATM in this way will find it extremely difficult to access the cash inside, if it is fitted with a Gryphon. But, given enough time and a lot of perseverance it may nonetheless be possible, if the criminals have an isolated location to work in.

The Padfoot is designed to make it very much harder for gangs to get away with the ATM in the first place, by using a combination of high-strength anchor chain, with steel hawser backup, and secure attachment to the foundations of the building in which the ATM is located.

Lockpoint Chief Executive Bill Price welcomed the arrival of the new products, saying: “We are immensely proud at Lockpoint of our success in combatting the criminal threat to the ATM estate by simply making it very difficult for thieves to actually get their hands the cash.

“The Gryphon Super Eight and the Padfoot are extensions to our product portfolio, which constantly evolves to keep pace with the ever-changing criminal threat.”

Meanwhile, the Padfoot continues the Lockpoint tradition of naming its products after mythical beasts. The Padfoot is said to be a huge black dog that can shape-shift into other horrifying forms, all of which can be recognised by the dreadful sound of the chains they drag behind them.

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