Lockpoint responds to explosion epidemic around Bristol

//Lockpoint responds to explosion epidemic around Bristol

Lockpoint responds to explosion epidemic around Bristol

LOCKPOINT – the UK company leading the fight against dangerous attacks on the country’s cash machines – is coordinating the response to a rash of highly dangerous explosive gas attacks on ATMs in Bristol and Somerset.

The company confirms today it is talking to its industry partners in the region following at least a dozen potentially life-threatening attacks in recent months.

In these, reckless criminals inject gas into the ATM with the aim of blowing off the doors so they can access the cash inside. But the resulting explosion can cause immense damage and potentially threaten life.

Lockpoint’s Gryphon3 has been specifically developed to counter this threat and Lockpoint’s Operations Director, Colin Doyle, said today: “All our clients invest resources in their ATM estates on the basis of the best intelligence available on the level of different threats. We are talking to our partners in the Bristol area with the aim of agreeing a response to this new high level of threat from gas attacks.”

The explosive attacks first came to the UK in 2013, since when banks and other ATM owners have racked up seven-figure losses in cash and other damage caused when the gangs, who show little regard for public or their own safety, inject acetylene or other gas into cash machines and blow them up.

The Gryphon range was first developed with Lockpoint’s engineering and electronics partners to counter the threat to cash-in-transit teams who were being ambushed when they arrived to replenish the cash machines. It uses a system of interlocking “intelligent” electronic steel doors to make robbery unattractive because no more than one of the four drawers of cash can be open at any time. The sophisticated design of the doors means it is also extremely difficult to break into an ATM, even if a gang rips it out and takes it away in a JCB.

Lockpoint began development of the Gryphon3 when it became clear that the original Gryphon could also protect an ATM against explosive attack but needed some modifications to be certain. The company teamed up with world-leading explosion research company, Gexcon, and proved the product’s resilience in both laboratory and, subsequently, in front of invited industry audience, in the field.

The Gryphon3 does not prevent explosions but, by protecting the cash, deters would-be robbers.

Among witnesses at the live testing was DC Adrian Roberts, of the West Midlands Organised Crime Unit and UK representative to Interpol on ATM gas attacks. He said afterwards: “I am really impressed. The machine protected the cash, which is obviously what the criminals are after, and hopefully it will be a massive deterrent to them.”

Lockpoint Chief Executive Bill Price added: “The criminal world is always looking for new ways to deprive law-abiding citizens and businesses of their cash, and the use of explosive gases in raids on ATMs has been a particularly worrying development – not least because of the danger such attacks pose to the general public.”

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