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Gryphon manufacture

Lockpoint was established in Newcastle upon Tyne in the 1990s and began life by providing specialist security consultancy for clients.

Having moved to new premises at North Shields, the company recorded its first major manufacturing breakthrough in 2010, with the development of the Gryphon, as a direct response to physical attacks on cash replenishment teams employed by G4S and working on the Tesco Bank estate.

That response required the design and development of a physical device to combine a wall of steel with sophisticated electronic wizardry. At the heart of the Gryphon’s operation is the simple principle that each cash cassette in an ATM is protected by its own steel door; and all the individual steel doors are electronically interconnected so as to ensure that no doors can be opened simultaneously.

Additionally, once an individual door has been closed, it can not be reopened until a set time has elapsed.

Lockpoint selected key suppliers within 20 miles of its base to realise the challenging technical specification.

Proud that our products are not only designed in the UK, at our North East England headquarters, but also that we source the highest quality customised components from tried and trusted suppliers within just 20 miles of our offices.

Responsive Engineering delivers the brawn of Gryphon

With 25 years of experience in design for manufacture, manufacture and assembly of bespoke products, this company’s precision engineering skills are honed to perfection and guarantee that every Lockpoint product is expertly created.

Hindley Circuits delivers the brains of Gryphon

The complex circuitry inside the Lockpoint Gryphon controls the heavy duty components to safeguard and deliver perfect security when it is needed.