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Lockpoint’s Gryphon provides the only proven solution to the growing threat from criminal gas attacks on ATMs.

Watch a video of the Gryphon being live-tested in a ‘gas attack’.

This ATM safe was not protected by Gryphon – note how the cash drawers have rolled out to help the criminals get to the loot.

Protection against gas attacks

The Lockpoint Gryphon is the only ATM physical protection device to have been successfully tested to withstand a gas attack.

Theoretical testing of the Gryphon at the UK headquarters of Lockpoint partner, in Ormskirk, Lancashire, identified areas of potential stress in the event of an attack and therefore Lockpoint developed a modification, capable of both retro-fitting and as a brand new device. All Gryphons are built to the specification as standard.

The Gryphon was subjected to a “worst case scenario” test programme in the field by Gexcon at its laboratory site, near the company’s headquarters in Bergen, Norway. In a series of carefully monitored explosions, Gexcon filled an unprotected ATM with an optimum acetylene and air mix. The safe was completely destroyed and cash drawers rolled out of the ATM, making it easy for the robbers to make off with the cash.

The test was then repeated with an ATM protected by the Gryphon and, although the safe itself was largely destroyed, the device stood firm, leaving the cash secure. Lockpoint and Gexcon then exploded a third safe in front of an invited audience from the industry and police and the cash again remained secure. In both cases a Lockpoint engineer was even able to open the Gryphon doors using special electronic tools, and safely remove the cash.

The only viable deterrent

Among witnesses was DC Adrian Roberts, of the West Midlands Organised Crime Unit and UK representative to Interpol on ATM gas attacks. He said afterwards: “I am really impressed. The machine protected the cash, which is obviously what the criminals are after, and hopefully it will be a massive deterrent to them.”

And Terence Bourke, Head of Security and Risk at ATM provider Cardtronics, added: “After seeing the tests live and also previously seeing them simulated, I do have a lot of confidence that, should a gas attack occur where a Gryphon is deployed, the criminals are not going to be able to touch the money, which is the main the objective.”

Lockpoint Chief Executive Bill Price added: “The criminal world is always looking for new ways to deprive law-abiding citizens and businesses of their cash, and the use of explosive gases in raids on ATMs has been a particularly worrying development – not least because of the danger such attacks pose to the general public.

“I always believed the Gryphon would pass the field test, but it was absolutely extraordinary to see all the work, effort and determination we had to solve this problem vindicated.”

This ATM was protected by Gryphon, which stands firm in the face on an explosion that could destroy the building housing the ATM.

See the full video report on gas attacks and the Gryphon

This ATM was protected by Gryphon, which stands firm in the face on an explosion that could destroy the building housing the ATM