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Lockpoint’s Gryphon is an unrivalled ATM security system, which combines brute strength with intelligent innovation. It comprises an impenetrable wall of interlocking steel doors with a specially developed, highly sophisticated locking system.

Interlocking steel doors protect each of four to ten cash cassettes, which are inter-connected by a sophisticated electronic locking system. This ensures that no more than one door – accessing each cassette – can ever be open at the same time. Once closed, no Gryphon door can be reopened until a pre-set time has elapsed – one hour, for example.

The Gryphon can be customised to fit the majority of ATMs in today’s marketplace without ever comprising the integrity of the manufacturer’s original design.

The Gryphon has proved its worth by preventing losses and reducing danger for both security professionals and members of the public. It is the only device that makes ATM robbery so difficult that it is increasingly less attractive to robbers.

It resists attacks by drills, grinders and oxyacetylene torches. Critically, an ATM fitted with a correctly operated Gryphon has yet to be breached in attack using injected explosive gases.

Following extensive laboratory and field testing, all new Gryphons are specifically designed and reinforced to withstand such attacks.

When time is of the essence

Crimes against cash machines normally happen fast.

Gryphon brings crime to a halt with time-lock controlled walls of steel. It robs the robber of his most precious asset: time.

Since the Gryphon was first installed in 2010, the industry has witnessed a dramatic reduction in instances of armed robbery, saving millions of pounds and many serious injuries.

  • Easily retro-fitted in the field

  • Simple to use

  • Concealed locking

  • No obvious point of attack

  • High security key-less access

  • Time-lock controlled

  • Surrounded by a wall of steel