Lockpoint beats the cashpoint-busters

//Lockpoint beats the cashpoint-busters

Lockpoint beats the cashpoint-busters

A UK company is helping to win the war against the dangerous men who target the country’s thousands of cash machines.

Lockpoint’s sophisticated Gryphon ATM-protection system has helped to achieve a dramatic reduction in armed robberies and is currently proving its worth as criminals turn to new methods of robbing the machines, including using explosives.

Although primarily designed to make ATMs an unattractive target for raids by armed gangs, Lockpoint notes that in the three recent explosive attacks on ATMs across the UK, just one machine was fitted with the Gryphon — and that was the only machine that was not destroyed and from which no cash was consequently taken.

The success of the Gryphon has helped Lockpoint record a dramatic rise in turnover and operating profit in provisional figures for the financial year just ended. Turnover has almost doubled, from £1.2 million to £2.34 million, while profit before interest, tax and exceptional items is expected to be in the region of £0.5 million.

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