Letter to Northern Echo after Darlington gas blast

//Letter to Northern Echo after Darlington gas blast

Letter to Northern Echo after Darlington gas blast

Councillor Heather Scott is right to highlight the “extreme concern” of Darlington residents at dangerous robberies by “travelling criminals” (Echo, February 26).

Most alarming is the perilous practice of blowing up cash machines with gas, which has happened twice in Darlington.

It is only a matter of time before someone is killed – one ATM robber was badly injured in Glasgow in January, while people have been made homeless in other attacks.

We believe reckless robberies will only stop when criminals learn that they won’t “get the cash”. Lockpoint makes “intelligent” locking doors for ATMs: our Gryphon is yet to be breached by a gas attack and is a major deterrent to ram raids and other attacks.

But the ATM industry is highly fragmented, with estates – even within the same bank or retail organisation – often owned and managed by a variety of third parties. So it is difficult for the industry to adopt a coherent response to the threat.

Alan Campbell, MP for Tynemouth, recently tabled four Written Questions on the subject. It is important that such political pressure be maintained, as – ultimately – it is up to the owners of ATMs to remove their cash from temptation by ensuring their machines are properly protected.

Stan Abbott

Head of Communications, Lockpoint

North Tyneside

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